1. El Greco, The Burial of the Count of Orgaz


  3. "The lark, who does nearly all the singing for the Hollow, is not identical in species with the meadowlark of the East, though closely resembling it: richer flowers and skies have inspired him with a better song than was ever known to the Atlantic lark.

    I have noted three distinct lark-songs here. The words of the first, which I committed to memory at one of their special meetings, spelled as sung, are ‘Wee-ro spee-ro wee-o weer-ly wee-it.’ On the 20th of January, 1869, they sang ‘Queed-lix boodle,’ repeating it with great regularity, for hours together, to music sweet as the sky that gave it. On the 22d of the same month, they sang ‘Chee chool chee-didly choodildy.’

    An inspiration is this song to the blessed lark, and universally absorbable by human souls. It seems to be the only bird-song of these hills that has been created with any direct reference to us. Music is one of the attributes of matter, into whatever forms it may be organized.”

    -from Twenty Hill Hollow (1872), John Muir.

  4. We went to see Hurray For the Riff Raff opening for Trampled By Turtles at the Jefferson Theater in Charlottesville. Great show! 

  6. One last Castle Brompton animal retrospective

  7. José González, Remain

  8. Giff

  9. Mols and I at the Flood City Music Festival in Johnstown, PA. 8 hour trip to see Hurray for the Riff Raff. We travel to see them a lot; it’s perennially worth it.

  10. Worried about looming homelessness blues. What can be done?

  11. on the AT

  12. Denton Shelter, just south of Manassas Gap

  13. Beer is good, msabu.

  14. Mols and I worked EMS for Tribal Quest, than ran, two shy from last year’s team. Yet somehow 8 minutes longer? It really bothers us that ‘yourself’ is stretched in two.