1. on the AT

  2. Denton Shelter, just south of Manassas Gap

  3. Beer is good, msabu.

  4. Mols and I worked EMS for Tribal Quest, than ran, two shy from last year’s team. Yet somehow 8 minutes longer? It really bothers us that ‘yourself’ is stretched in two.


  6. "If you can put your five fingers through it, it is a gate, if not a door. Shut your eyes and see."

  7. Hurray for the Riff Raff, Slow Walk 


  8. Mmm breakfast. And our oven birds.

  9. from Ulysses, James Joyce

  10. "Our nightmare had gone with daylight, everything would come out alright"

  11. Being a spooky ghost haunting storage units

  12. We told our hosts in Asheville this past weekend that F’burg’s economy relies on its civil-war fame. The quick proof? While biking we ran into Abraham Lincoln (and a company of union re-enactors) marching up to Sunken Road.

  14. Travelin’: Packing light and drinkin all snooty. 

    (Not really though- we won $100 in a trivia contest and gobbled it up)