1. Today Lars was struck and killed by a car on Brompton St.

    He was a beloved, adopted companion who seemed content just to have a home after years of neglect and forage under our neighbor’s back porch. When we first met Lars he was skittish and unsure, but months of devotion and love brought him into our home, and as we became more familiar with his weird tics and unique personality we grew to love him. We were looking forward to keeping him indoors during the cold months to come.

    Today we reflect on how much we enjoyed filing Lars’s last days with warmth, easy food, and play. We found a great place in my parent’s wide backyard, near the edge of the woods, for Lars to lay.

    Please remember to check the roads for Pets. And please take your time; speeding down these narrow downtown streets leads to unfortunate accidents like the one we face today.

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